Chicken Fried and Fourth of July

It’s a strange thing celebrating the Fourth of July when you’re in a foreign country. Back home, I could always depend on a lake side BBQ, country music, water tubing, and being surrounded by amazing friends. To be honest, today has been the first day I’ve been homesick since I left for Moldova. July 4th has always been a staple in the Feinberg household and it’s bizarre not to be celebrating it the way I’ve always known.

This year, instead of celebrating on a boat underneath the fireworks I gathered with my new “government mandated family” and we shared Independence Day with our Moldovan hosts. Each volunteer prepared a traditional American dish and we gathered in the park near the school. (And when I say “each volunteer” I mean each volunteer except for me. I acted as emotional support and entertainment. No one wants to eat anything I’ve cook, believed me.) We had fried chicken, potato salad, deviled eggs, garlic bread, and most importantly hot sauce. Sprinkled in there were some American takes on Moldovan dishes like an apple plăcintă (Moldovan style pie) made by our very own Gina. To my Misty Waters family, don’t worry, country music was played. A lot. And as far as being surrounded by amazing friends, we had that one covered too. It’s crazy to think that I’ve only known them for a month (and yes, it’s been exactly a month since we first met), but the amazing people who live in my village have truly become my family. I don’t know how I would get by without them.

One thing I’ve learned in all my travels is that America is pretty great. We have our problems, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a country filled with so much culture and so many different types of people. It’s a country where a boy like me can live exactly how I want to be, and sometimes I think I take that for granted. Today let me think more critically about what it meant to be an American. All I can say is no matter where I am on Independence Day, I will always bring with me a little bit of my American pride.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Fried and Fourth of July

  1. What a wonderful post! Happy 4 th Amir! We are also out of The US. Some of our Italian friends had us to their mountain house for Skewered rotisserie meat and polenta, and of course much wine, cheese and a meringue cake like nothing else I’ve ever had. Rob, Julie and I wore our red, white and blue and told them about our personal and some typical Independance Day traditions. One thing we all agree upon , is that we are fortunate to be Americans. What you will bring to Moldova will include those values. I’m sorry you were homesick. Please know we think of you all the time. But that your spirit is contagiouus, and will influence the children of Moldova in such uplifting ways. Go USA- Go My Amir!!!! Love and big hugs to you.

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  2. July 4th here was celebrated in the usual Misty Waters style. What a tradition! We all missed you, Amir, and appreciate that you were at least able to virtually join us for a bit. Keep the posts and vlogs coming please. I’m totally enjoying “sharing” your adventures! Marie


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